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Experience and Goals: With over 25 years of experience D.N.D Technologies Ltd.
The Owners bring a vast experience and variety of skills encompassing management of several companies, handling marketing and sales of Aesthetic Medical devices and products.
Since its beginning on 2009 D.N.D Technologies Ltd. has been importing and distributing quality products and devices, which were marketed in the Israeli aesthetic medicine market. D.N.D Technologies Ltd. took it upon itself to act as a representative and an exclusive distributor for international companies, leaders in their own field.
In these companies we have business partners who share our vision and commitment to produce and provide innovative technologies for the benefit of both the client and the whole aesthetic and medical market.

Clients: Hospitals, dermatologists, health maintenance organization, Beauty SPAs and salons, aestheticians and aesthetician academies.

C.E.O - Mr. Efi Zahavi

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